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Workable is the world’s leading recruitment and hiring platform for growing businesses. Join our partner ecosystem to grow your customer-base, tap into new networks and help your clients find and hire the best talent.

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Why partner with Workable?

Global reach

Thousands of companies around the world have used Workable to make millions of successful hires. Tap into our global client base and get your product and services in front of thousands of scaling businesses.

Award-winning technology

Partner with Workable to get your clients access to the world’s leading hiring platform. Get rewarded for getting your clients the very best recruitment software on the market.

Service and support

Workable partners get access to expert service and support teams, extensive developer documentation and a partnerships team built to help you succeed.

Increase your reach

Get your integration or service featured in our partner directory. Joining our rich partners ecosystem increases your visibility, product adoption, and ultimately revenue.

Help our customer discover your services and product

Showcases your brand alongside leading brands

Drive more customers to your platform

Enjoy a seamless
partner experience

Everyone in our partner ecosystem gets access to a modern, easy to use partner portal.

Workable is committed to providing a world-class partner experience regardless of whether you’re a consultant, VC, network or integration partner, you’ll have access to the resources, tools, and people you need to succeed.

A central hub for all things partnerships at Workable:

  • Easy lead submission and link based referrals
  • Access to marketing resources to support your activities
  • Detailed analytics to help track performance
  • Hassle free, automated commission payment

Find the right partnership for your business


Collaborate with the market leader in
hiring technology.

Work with our team to build product integrations
at any stage of the hiring process.

  • Provide a seamless customers experience
  • Tap into new clients
  • Earn rewards
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HR Consultants

Become a trusted HR advisor and ensure your clients secure the best talent.

Work with our team on referral programs that drive real mutual value and client satisfaction.

  • Free and easy to join
  • No minimums, no fees, quick and easy onboarding
  • Earn rewards
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Venture partners

Help your portfolio companies scale with the right candidates and infrastructure.

Work with our team to provide access to offers, technology and insights that drive startup growth.

  • Exclusive discounts
  • Get startups live and on to award-winning tech in just a few days
  • Quick and easy partner onboarding
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Networks & communities

Ensure your community members have access to the best recruiting software.

Collaborate with our team to increase the value you offer your members and attract new ones.

  • Μembers access to the world’s leading hiring platform
  • Easy link-based referral system
  • Drive membership growth though exclusive savings
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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to become a referral partner?

First, let us know you’re interested by filling out our partner application form. Our Partnerships team will review your application and reach out if there’s a fit. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll work with you to get the proper referral tracking in place.

What types of referral partners do you work with?

We work with all kinds! We find that we’re an especially good fit for HR consultants, recruiters, professional communities and venture capital firms. Don’t fit into any of those categories, but still think you’re a good fit?

What do I need to do to become a technology partner?

First, let us know you’re interested by filling out our partner application form. Our Partnerships team will review your application and reach out if there’s a fit. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll set you up with sandbox credentials so you can get started!

What type of technology partners do you work with?

We work with HR technology partners of all sorts - HRIS, onboarding, payroll, job boards, sourcing, referrals, background check providers and many more. Don’t fit into one of those categories, but still think you’re a good fit? Then we’d love to hear from you.

What APIs are available to technology partners?

We have different APIs available for different solutions:

What type of support do technology partners get?

Our Partnerships team will provide technical support throughout the integration build process (we expect it to take less than 90 days). You’ll also get access to extensive API documentation and a sandbox account. Once the integration is ready to test, our engineering team will help run QA to ensure success.

Do you have a partner portal?

Yes, we use PartnerStack, a leading partner relationship management tool (PRM) which helps simplify and improve your partner experience. It’s the only partnership platform built for B2B SaaS that supports multiple channels, and is G2’s top-rated partner platform.

What is the Partner directory?

This is where we feature Integrations and curated service partners. Partners get their own page and are searchable by our visitors through this website.

“Becoming a Workable referral partner was really easy. My clients love their ATS and hiring system - so referring is a no-brainer for us.”

Matt Bradburn

Co-Founder, The People Collective

Matt Bradburn

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