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Why Workable AI?

Workable is building AI tools with all the knowledge of having seen over 1.5 million hires. Our AI has access to proprietary and metadata across our HR Software, and job board – meaning more specific prompts for the AI, and finally, customized outputs and relevant insights for recruiters and hiring managers.

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AI-Generated Job Descriptions

Available in our full HR Software and Free Tools, Workable's AI provides bespoke job descriptions for your company, tailored to any role in mere seconds. You can even select a tone of voice that aligns with your brand and refine the job description until it's ideal.

How it works

By simply inputting a job title and clicking “generate”, a job description is created in seconds. The system uses contextual data like your past writing style, your industry, and company specifics to make the most relevant job description possible. Our algorithm then goes through and removes any irrelevant details, subpar content, and incorrect structure, etc. Users can choose from various tones of voice to better embody their organization's culture and inspire potential candidates.

Plus, with inline editing and generation, you can iterate until your job description is perfect.


AI Recruiter for Instant Sourcing

Available in our full HR Software, Workable's AI recruiter recommends the top passive candidates for your job based on your job description, even before it's published. Review a summary of their fit for the role, and easily add them into your candidate list to contact.

How it works

Workable’s AI Recruiter is able to aggregate public information and create profiles for over 400 million candidates. Workable's exclusive AI system reads your job description and identifies the best passive candidates for your role. It uses crucial profile details like skills, education, work history, and computes a compatibility score with the job description. Candidates with higher scores have a higher likelihood of being suggested for the job.

AI Recruiter goes further with labels for each candidate indicating the reason for the match. In addition to passive candidates, AI Recruiter applies the same logic to resurface candidates who have applied to your company in the past.

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Interview Question Generation

Available in our full HR Software and Free Tools, instantly generate industry and role-specific interview questions.

How it works

Generate a comprehensive interview kit using only two data points: Job Title and Industry. Users can adjust the tone to better reflect their company's culture or adapt the interview style according to the role’s seniority.


Email Assistance

Generate personalized emails for candidate sourcing outreach and other communications effortlessly.

How it works

AI creates tailored emails for sourced candidates, highlighting the reasons they were chosen based on their profile’s alignment with the job description.

Future update

The AI will also help automate follow-up communications, such as responding to candidates with negative feedback or coordinating the next steps for interested candidates.

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Workable graphic of Profile Summarization
coming soon

Profile Summarization

Get succinct summaries of candidate profiles for a quick overview of a candidate's skills and experience.

How it works

AI will scan a candidate’s profile and generate a brief summary of their key career and academic accomplishments, primary working experiences, and more. This serves as a quick reference before delving deeper into a candidate's profile.

Workable Co-pilot

Rob Long, our CRO, takes you through a demo of these existing and upcoming AI features.

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How it works, privacy, and bias

How is Workable different from tools like ChatGPT?

Tools like Workable’s AI Recruiter are trained using implicit or explicit feedback from daily user interactions and analyzing why candidates are hired or moved through the hiring stages.

We are then able to use our proprietary systems and metadata to enhance the input and thus the output of generative AI in specific applications.

Our focus is to use customers' data to enhance the performance and accuracy of our in-house AI systems.

How is customer data handled?

Customer and usage data is kept confidential and not shared our distributed outside of the company. Customers can rest assured that their data is only being used for authorized purposes and their data is being safeguarded.

How is Workable handling AI transparency?

While a majority of LLM based applications like ChatGPT operate on “Black box” models that cannot be fully understood, we are committed to designing the features in a way that eliminates risk of sensitive data leaks and developing our own in-house models.

We are committed to ethical AI practices and are a member of the European AI Ethics Consortium. This brings together experts from various fields to collaborate on ethical guidelines for AI development and deployments.

One of the key issues related to AI ethics is explainability, which refers to the ability to understand how an AI system arrives at decisions or recommendations.

We’ve made efforts to ensure that our AI functionalities are as transparent and explainable as possible.

Will Workable be compliant with AI laws and regulations?

Yes. We expect a significant increase in legislative and regulatory attention to AI and we will follow and comply with laws and regulations.

What’s Workable’s approach to non-discrimination and bias?

We are committed to ethical AI practices and are a member of the European AI Ethics Consortium. This brings together experts from various fields to collaborate on ethical guidelines for AI development and deployments. We want to follow the latest research and be at the forefront of efforts to promote ethical and unbiased AI solutions. We will consistently self-evaluate our own in-house tools.

Workable's approach to AI

Our VP of Data Science, Kostas Rapantzikos explains the process behind our AI updates and our commitment to building with privacy and fairness.

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